Week 14 Project – Japanese Garden Sketching

This sketching project was one of the more simple but at the same time difficult projects I have completed for this class. Simple because it is very straightforward, but difficult because I am an awful drawer/sketcher. It was a nice experience though just sitting in a relaxing area on a sunny day appreciating nature. I enjoyed it and at times found myself just looking at the scenery instead of really drawing anything. But when I did draw it was a nice challenge for me even though the sketches were quite awful it was a soothing activity. The hardest part for me was finding a new thing to sketch for each drawing; I did not want my sketches to become repetitive like having 4 trees and 5 fish as my drawings so I had to seek other thing to draw such as the bridge, lily pads, rocks, etc. Overall I had a very nice time completing this assignment and even though the sketches did not come out how I envisioned I very much enjoyed this activity.


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