Week 12 Activity – Ethnography

  1. Before taking part in this activity, I did not know what to expect, I knew it would be difficult for me, but it was worse than I anticipated. I just expected to be in my bed the whole night anxiously wanting to be on my phone or something, and for some of the time that is how it was.
  2. Overall, this activity was pretty difficult, I am so used to electricity for light and entertainment that I found myself struggling to entertain myself. I was able to keep myself busy for a while but it was difficult.
  3. For me, this activity was frustrating because we are so dependent nowadays on electricity that it is almost impossible to survive without it. I found this out the hard way as every time I thought I found something to do it involved electricity.
  4. I would not say my sleep was worse or better, it was just more difficult to fall asleep because I am so used to a routine. Before bed I will be on my phone on YouTube or Instagram for a while before officially going to sleep but breaking my routine and not being able to do that felt uncomfortable so I found it more difficult to fall asleep. But in terms of sleep quality, not much changed.
  5. Living without electricity is more harmonious with nature because you are able to appreciate it more without electricity stopping you. Our lives are so centered around electricity it is rare to get away from that and enjoy nature.
  6. I did find living without electricity for a night to be boring because when I’m at home most if not all my entertainment comes via electricity so it was more boring for me. Although I was able to be productive like clean my room, it is not how I planned to spend my night.
  7. I think people survived like that because they had no choice. They did not know of such technology and were not exposed to it so they did not crave it. They had their own activities to keep them busy or entertained because that is how things used to be.
  8. For me right now I am happy with my balance of life activity and connectivity. My life is not centered all around technology I go out an do other things so I am content with how I balance my life at the moment.

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