Classmate Conversation – Matt Ngo

This week, I had my classmate conversation with Matt Ngo, who I also ended up doing the index card activity with, along with 2 other students. Matt is a second year student at CSULB who is planning to major in health science. Along with that, Matt also wants to earn a masters degree in nursing which he plans to earn at UNC. During his free time, Matt likes to skate, bike, and play basketball so Matt is a very active person. Along with that, he also considers himself a big car enthusiast. Matt also really enjoys watching movies and his favorite is the Fast and Furious series.

Matt has spent his whole life in Long Beach, it is where he was born and raised. He attended Poly High School. Once he graduated from Poly, he originally wanted to go to UC Irvine but he felt their health program was too new and it was also extremely expensive. On campus, Matt is part of the PAC club and off campus he has two jobs; working at Bobaloca and Lowkey Pokey. Talking to Matt was very interesting and I learned a lot about him from our conversation.


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