Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters                                                                                                                   Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox                                                                                                  Gallery: CSULB Dutzi Gallery                                                                                                            Website: IG: @Artbywaters

About the Artist: 

Brittany Waters is a student at CSULB working towards her BFA degree. She has always had an interest in wildlife and has taken a particular interest in protecting the sea turtles. She feels as if animals, and especially helpless baby sea turtles don’t get the attention and care they need. In fact, the way people are treating the environment, she knows sea turtles won’t be able to last under these conditions which inspired her to do this work of art.

Formal Analysis:

Brittany’s art project is very unique and detailed, and unlike anything I have ever seen before. She got real sand and laid it all over the floor to set up a beach like setting she even had an umbrella and beach chairs. She also proceeded to put fake baby turtles and eggs in the sand as they make their trip from land to sea, and had a video of the beach on the wall and beach noises playing in the background. She definitely put a ton of time and effort into this project and it showed, I was amazed at how great it turned out and it made me aware of just hoe tough it can be for sea turtles to survive under the conditions humans have created.

Content Analysis: 

For this project, it was obvious what Brittany was trying to portray here; the fact that baby sea turtles are very unlikely to survive the trip from land to sea with humans making it an impossible environment to live in. She encourages the public to be more aware of this issue and to not contribute to the hardships sea turtles have in their life. She was very successful from my point of view because I was astounded at just how much more difficult we have made it for sea turtles to prosper.

Synthesis/My Experience

While observing this art project, I was at first amazed at the time and effort it must have taken for one to do this, but the more I read the captions placed by Brittany, I started to focus more and more on the issue at hand. That is what was so great about this project; that Brittany was able to put such a serious issue into her art and portray it so vividly. To actually see the turtles (even though they are not real) had a very big effect in a positive way. People do not usually react to an issue unless they see it first hand, and that is what was so unique about this project. Not only that, but the overall presentation was very impressive and I enjoyed covering this project.


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