Architecture and Urban Planning – The USU Wedge

The change I would make to the USU wedge would be a simple but extremely effective one. What I would do to make this architectural mishap far more convenient is that I would simply add another “doorway” to go along with the one that is already there. One would be used to go in one direction while the other would be used to go in the other direction, and there would be signs explicitly stating that. This would be so much better than the current design we have now because there would be much better flow and people going in opposite direction would not have to wait for ten people to pass or run into another person, they would go through a “doorway” with no hassle. I decided to make it this way because it would be way more convenient than to have people trying to fit in one doorway while going in opposite directions. I think a year from people are going to view my design as very successful, because I being a student that comes across this wedge every week, I would hugely benefit from another doorway designed to flow one way.


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