Elena Roznovan Artist Conversation

Artist: Elena Roznovan                                                                                                                                     Exhibition: Stop & Stare                                                                                                                                   Media: pictures, plastic, projector                                                                                                                Gallery: CSULB School of Art                                                                                                                         Instagram: @eroznovan

Elena Roznovan is a second year graduate student  who is working on an MFA in sculpture. She was originally an undergraduate student at the Maryland School of Art which is located in Baltimore. She is originally from the former USSR country of Moldova and moved to the United States to pursue her art career.

Elena’s exhibition is made of a slide show of images which are shown through a projector and there are rectangular plastic slides hanging from the ceiling which the images are shown through. It gives the pictures a very different view and I enjoyed admiring the images like that.

The reason Elena put the transparent barriers between the projector and the image was so that it could bring the image out better, to give it a much more vibrant look. I think she was successful in doing so as the pictures which came out of the projector looked more vivid with the transparency as opposed to being shown plain.

When I first started to look at the exhibit I was not exactly sure what the purpose was going to be about, but then after I was able to interview the artist and then revisit her work, I was more able to understand why she did her work in the way she did. It was a different but interesting work of art and I would recommend it to others.



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