Doge Destroys the City

Much Destroy, Wow                                                                                                                                           Carmina Correa                                                                                                                                                   Gouache on Watercolor Paper                                                                                                                        2017                                                                                                                                                                        CSULB School of Art

It is the year 4984, and humans have successfully been able to artificially create life for every species on Earth, so that no species will have to go extinct anymore. However, one day when a group of scientists are attempting to bring back the Shiba Inu dog which has been extinct for over 600 years, there is a fatal mistake. While artificially creating these dogs, the scientists must determine how big to create them, they can be as small as a mouse, or as big as a building. But of course, dogs are not very big animals. However, one scientist was still hungover from the night before and was not fully concentrated. Because of this, he completely messed up the process and accidentally determined that the dog would become as tall as the empire state building. Having realized his awful mistake he quickly threw the dog fetus into a lake of toxic waste. He thought he had gotten rid of the problem but in fact he just made it far worse. A few months after this incident a giant 1,500 ft. tall shiba inu dog emerges from the toxic waste now with laser vision. Unable to control its powers and unaware of the danger it possesses it goes on destroying building after building, city after city. The US military is called to come destroy the lab accident but its weapons are no match for the dogs reinforced skin. Running out of options, the President of the US orders a suicide bomber to be ingested by the dog to destroy it from within.  A brave soldier volunteers for the mission and is parachuted into the dogs mouth disguised as a piece of meat. He easily slides into the dogs throat and sets off the bomb, finally destroying the monster once and for all.


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