Week 4 Artist Conversation: Robert Nehemiah

Robert is and undergraduate student from Pico Rivera/South Gate who is planning to graduate with a BFA in drawing and painting, and then plans to go to graduate school. Other than being an artist, he enjoys listening to music and traveling a lot. In the field of art, he mainly works with drawing and painting, but he has done a bit of woodwork and sketching, but he feels his best talents are in drawing and painting.

The qualities which can help identify Robert’s works are that he works on irregular surfaces; it can be an old piece of wood or cardboard or even metal. He like to work on the surfaces because they can add meaning to the painting. For example, he made a portrait of his grandmother on an old piece of cardboard. He did this so the cardboard in a way could represent his grandmother; that neither of them (the painting or his grandmother) will last much longer. Because Robert chooses to work on these unusual surfaces it gives his art an uneven and jagged appearance, but it is wonderful work and a different type of art one can appreciate.

The ideas that Robert is trying to inspire are his own philosophies. The main one he spoke of was the fact that it will not last, i.e. his grandmother. He is mainly inspired by people who have made a big impact on his life such as a former instructor, his mom, his grandmother, and he also has a painting of himself.

My experience while looking at Robert’s exhibit was a very positive one. I had never seen this type of art and it was simply wonderful. The ideas he tried to convey through his art were very creative and inspiring. He used his materials to give his paintings a deeper meaning than what the surface showed, and I thought that was really neat. This exhibit was one I would be likely to recommend to others because I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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