Art Care Package

For my ACP, I am gathering photographs, little gifts, and objects from places visited by my girlfriend and I, and am sending it to my uncle who is in the Navy SEAL and i have not seen for a long time. I have communicated with him through other means and he as asked about me and my girlfriend, so I just want to show him how we are doing.

Sending somebody a care package is similar to sending them a Snapchat in the sense that you put thought into what you sent them. When you send somebody a snap, you are sending it through there and not through text because it holds more significance so you put more thought into it. Not only that, but you are waiting to see how they react to what you have sent and what their reply will be.

Sending somebody a care package is different to sending them a  snap because they can keep the ACP for as long as they choose, a snapchat only lasts ten seconds (barring a screenshot). Also, a snapchat is obviously sent electronically and an ACP is physical; you can feel it and hold it in your hand.

I think ephemera definitely hold more weight as time goes by. For example, a Cristiano Ronaldo signed pair of boots (cleats) are definitely worth a lot of money right now, but wait 40 or 50 years and their value will only go up. Not only in terms of monetary value, but if it is something that runs in your family such as a watch or a book, it tends to mean much more with each passing generation.

I think art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder. A perfect example would be graffiti; some people see it as vandalism and believe it should be eradicated, and some believe it is most certainly art and take pleasure in looking at it. Now do I personally think there’s a difference between the Mona Lisa and my ACP? Of course, my ACP is a collection of memories I have had with my girlfriend and putting it together did not take very long, and the Mona Lisa is arguably the single most recognizable work of art in the entire world.

I don’t believe that time or even effort necessarily make something mean more or not. Sometimes the smallest gestures or gifts can leave the a greater impact than a diamond ring. Faster can be better because it can be random and spontaneous. However, slower can be better because it can take more time which leads to better quality. Both can be very good, it just all depends on the situation and what is being given.

I do believe you can make a meal with love even faster than getting a Big Mac at a drive through. If your loved one is sick in bed all day a simple cup of tea or a bowl of soup can take minutes to prepare but it can mean everything; just to show you are there for them is a wonderful gesture and just because it it quick, does not mean it was not made with love. I do think that an ACP can hold a different type of “love” than a Snapchat because it is an actual physical object. People tend to become more physically attached to things they can hold, hug, or touch.


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