Week 3 Artist Conversation: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Kelvin Lopez                                                                                                                                           Exhibition: Scry Baby                                                                                                                                        Media: Lithography, Gum Arabic, Nitric Acid, Screen Printing                                                          Gallery: CSULB School of Art: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery                                                                  Website: http://www.Facebook.com/KLART760                                                                                                  Instagram: @klart760

About the Artist

Kelvin Lopez is an undergraduate senior at CSULB, who is working towards his BFA degree through the print making program. Once he is able to achieve this, he plans to enter graduate school. He is originally from San Diego where he attended school and where he got his AA degree from. He originally became interested in art through a friend of his, so he decided to take an art class in high school. When her first took art, he was not too good and struggled to draw well. However, these failures only inspired him to improve his craft and become a much better artist. He eventually was able to discover his talent through experimenting and his desire to create.

Formal Analysis

The work that Kelvin is into is etchings and prints; he likes to work with layers and portrays that in his art. In this particular exhibit, he morphs the face of his dog with his nephew, producing a very unique, yet admirable piece of art. In some of his other displays, he has drawings of crystals and sometimes makes them appear shattered or broken, giving them a jagged look.

Content Analysis

What Kelvin loves about art is seeing people’s reaction to his work. Whether they are positive, negative, or indifferent, Kelvin just loves to see what people think of his creations. In his art, Kelvin wants to not only convey his personal life, but everyday life. He wants to use his art to connect with his audience; he does this by using topics such as current events in his art.

Synthesis/My Experience

Looking at Kelvin’s art, it really opened my eyes to how artists view the world. I’m sure not every artist has the same point of view as Kelvin, but getting his perspective was definitely interesting. Learning about what inspires him to make his creations was very inspirational. I myself am not an artist, but i appreciate other peoples line of work, especially art because it takes large amounts of patience and dedication.


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