Angela Kight Classmate Conversation

This week I was able to speak to Angela, and it was an amiable conversation. We spoke about many different topics. Angela is a second year student who is pursuing a major in journalism. She attended Los Alamitos High School where she had a successful tennis career until a foot injury prevented her from playing varsity. Technically, she should be in her fourth year but she took two years off to be a model in LA. Now, however she works at a Thai restaurant which her family owns  as a waitress. Since her family is Thai, she is fluent in both English and Thai. Her favorite animal is a unicorn and she is is interested in suspenseful, horror-themed movies and TV shows; her favorite shows being Supernatural and American Horror Story. Her favorite movie is a French film named The Well Diggers Daughter, which seems like an interesting movie from what she told me.


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